Steel Roller

Steel Roller

1:Accordingwith High Quality Standard 2:RotationResistance Coefficient ≤0.01,
according with Quality Standard
3:Test  of  Radial Run-out And  Rotation Agility,according with NC Quality 4 :Anti-dust test,according with NC Quality 5 :50000 hours life-span

Impact Roller

Impact Roller is used in the belt conveyor to reduce the impact of blanking on the conveyor belt

Comb-type roller

The comb-type idler is also called a comb-type cleaning roller. Comb rollers are designed for use on conveyors that transport viscous material

Steel Roller

1 Rotation Resistance Coefficient ≤0.01,according with NC Quality Standard
2 Test of Radial Runout And Roatation Agility,according with NC Quality
3 Anti-dust test,according with NC Quality
4 50000 hours life-span

Technical performance Parameter

NO Items Technical performance
1 Life span 50000 hours
2 Rotation resistance coefficient Lab Test:≤0.010Load-carrying Condition≤0.020
3 Radial runout ≤0.5mm (Idler length≤550mm)≤0.6mm(Idler length :550mm-950mm)≤1.0mm (Idler lengthz:950mm-1600mm)≤1.2mm (Idler length>1600mm
4 Roller Axial displacement ≤0.5mm
5 Roller’s Dust proof No Dust(after operating 200 hours)
6 Roller’s water proof <5g(after operating 72 hours in water pouring test)
7 Roller falling test According with GB10595-2009
8 Bearing seal Labyrinth seal with the sturcture of 3 curve channels,long sealing chamber,small clearance.
9 Bearing Employ deep-groove ball bearing:large carring capacity and reliable speed .(standard clearance or C3 clearance)
10 Roller shell(pipe) High precision welded steel pipe speical for roller.Production standard higher than GB13792-92.The thickness of pipe meet the needs of intensity and rigidity
11 Roller shaft High precision cold finished steel bar ,the dimension tolerance and surface quality exceed the stipulation of GB/T3078-94.The roller shaft is of adequate intensity and rigidity to ensure the shaft angel ≤10’
12 Lubrication Filling with lubricating grease in deep-groove bearing,Permanently sealed.