Conveyor Frame

Effectively reduce the radial runout of the roller, improve stability, waterproof and dustproof to prevent the conveyor belt from drifting, so that the conveying equipment runs smoothly

Friction centre-adjusting

Parallel return Idiers

Carrier Cone CENter-adjusting Idiers

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Trough centre-adjusting Idiers

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V-Type Idlers

Trough Idiers

Conveyor frame
High quality roller conveyor frame is the device which convenient to replace the conveyor roller, involves pin axis, the frame roller, limit of block and fasteners.Support for lower and upper frame fasteners together, bearing is connected with a pin shaft and roll can be partial to pass on a task support together, in can be partial to pass on a task roller bracket set on rollers.On the roll can be partial to pass on roller, set for around the pin shaft rotation card slot, roller is installed in the bracket can be partial to pass on a roller card slot, in can be partial to pass on a task roller bracket set on control deflection Angle set blocks.

In the bearing can be partial to pass on a task or set on the frame  be provided roller brackets around the pin shaft rotation, in the case of dismantling the fasteners, can be partial to pass on a task roller stents in under the control of limit block level around a fixed pin shaft rotation angle.Trough type frame is a kind of roller bracket.

Adoption of advanced production technology, to ensure product quality.

Trough idler belt with content, on the ope belt strength, small resistance, the best effect.Double roller, can reduce the weight of the belt on the ceramic roller pressure point, hollow roller device can make the belt with fallen, non-stick roller, roller can extend lifespan.

Advantages and function
1, self-aligning roller Conveyor frame good holding power, high flexibility, small friction long service life.
2,self-aligning Conveyor frame  radial runout quantity;Flexibility;
3,self-aligning Conveyor frame ; dustproof, waterproof, long service life of the axial load, impact resistant,

4,To install it on both sides of the conveyor belt, prevent the conveyor belt running deviation.Effectively makes roller conveyor running stable and reliable.
5, self-aligning Conveyor frame effect is remarkable, and the structure is simple, can completely meet the needs of the development of modern operation.